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The free Pauli-App works for Android, Apple iOS and Kindle Fire-OS devices and can be found on those platforms with the keyword „pauliandfriends“.

Please get in touch with our support team if there are any questions regarding the app:

System Minimum-Version Link
9.3 Apple
4.1 Google Play
since 2014 Amazon

Keyword: pauliandfriends


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Children learn how to deal with the digital world only if they are allowed to deal with new media. Parents should allow that and trust them.

Professor Dr. Malte Mienert, development psychologist

Internet wird für Kinder als sozialer Lebensraum immer wichtiger und sie beginnen in immer früherem Alter mit der Nutzung des Internet.

Prof. Dr. Petra Grimm

Children learn only through experience. The task for us parents is to always keep in touch with the children and to accompany them.

Katia Saalfrank, social pedagogue

“Medienkompetenz kann heute bereits neben Lesen, Schreiben und Rechnen als “vierte Kulturtechnik” bezeichnet werden und ist eine entscheidende Schlüsselqualifikation des 21. Jahrhunderts.”

Deutsches Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung


We welcome you to our Pauli & Friends App and thank you for your interest in our company Discovery Books GmbH. In order to give you a good feeling with regard to how your personal data is handled, we would like to elucidate what happens to the produced data and which safety measures are taken by us. Furthermore, you will be informed about your legally stipulated rights in connection with the processing of this data.


If required, contact us:

Right of information

On request we can notify you in writing whether and which personal data about you is stored.

Personal data & right of access

Via the Pauli & Friends App our company Discovery Books GmbH, does not collect person-related data of the particular user. We merely acknowledge information about the type of your mobile device and the services that you call up or use thereby.

We cannot access other person-related data like telephone numbers or device codes resp. device identification numbers (e.g. IMEI Number).

The game course and the game options are stored solely on the mobile device, this is necessary to ensure the App functionality. These stored data are completely deleted as soon as the Pauli & Friends App is uninstalled.

Data transmission to third parties

Our company Discovery Books GmbH does not transmit any person-related data to third parties without your consent.

Date: 01.01.2018


We reserve the right to adjust our Privacy Policy to the current legal position or when there are new features. The amended Privacy Policy is then valid for your next use of our App.