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We are an open minded young team. Cooperation is essential for our success.

Shops & Distributors

With our product concept we offer all advantages which our customers from the toy- and book trade value very highly:

  • We offer a World Novelty!
  • Our product is not comparable
  • 3in1 item (water-, voice-, 3D-effects)
  • Covering several product groups – „toy meets book“
  • All year article and not seasonal
  • Impuls purchase item
  • Informative and high quality POS-material
  • Large age group 0-5 years („growing“ product)
  • Certified for all ages (0m+)

We are looking forward to your message: marco@discoverybooks.com


Beside our range of standard books we develop custom-specific OEM solutions, which provide packaging, illustrations and also your own app. Further, we kindly present you the possibilities of an exclusive cooperation: marco@discoverybooks.com


We see further sales and revenue opportunities through marketing cooperation and sponsoring also beyond industry boundaries. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us and we will closely cooperate with you in order to develop a suitable concept: michael@discoverybooks.com


Bloggers from all over the world are cordially invited to promote applications to us. Testing of our products, raffles or press coverage are just some of the many possibilities. Just send us a message: thomas@discoverybooks.com