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We’ll keep alive the love for traditional books in a modern way

The first bath book with functions relating to your child´s development.

0 months: Certified for all ages. The book can be given even to the very youngest.

4 months: Covering all the first sensory perceptions.

18 months: Warm water brings new animals to the page and improves the child´s ability in recognition.

24 months: You can bring the characters of the book to life in 3D and the book allows you to record and play back your own voice content for each page.

Through all these functions, stories get a completely new narrative style. This helps to improve your child´s ability to concentrate and to allow for an enhanced development of your toddler´s language.


We are currently supplying three stories and the book series will increase significantly in the next few months.

Pauli & Sea Friends

Enjoy Pauli and his friends at an underwater quest. Find the gold treasure of the Pirate-Octopus. With the free Pauli-App you can steer Pauli’s yellow submarine or use many other funny features.

Pauli & Circus Friends

Pauli and his friends are visiting the circus. With the Pauli&Friends App you can fire the circus canon or trifle with the ringmaster. A funny show is waiting for you.

Pauli & Space Friends

This adventure brings Pauli into space. Find out which of Pauli’s friends are hiding throughout the book. With the Pauli&Friends App you can steer a rocket through space or you can catch funny space-sheeps.

All 8 pages offer you colorful and child-friendly illustrations but also exciting and funny effects!


The concept of the book series “Pauli & Friends” contains a number of different discoveries. On the one hand, the scenery in the book can be changed by using thermal sensitive printing ink and heat. This brings new animals to the page as soon as you put the book into warm water.


In a further discovery stage, parents can use a specially developed app to bring the characters of the books to life for their children. With Augmented Reality, the images become three-dimensional and special effects can be triggered by simple and child-friendly controls. Augmented Reality is a computer-based technology that enhances the human perception of reality. As soon as the camera of any mobile device (mobile phone or tablet) is directed at one of the book pages, the device recognizes the tracker and triggers multimedia content, such as moving 3D views, noises and other features. This rounds out the book’s holistic and future-oriented concept.

More details you can find here: APP


Storytelling is a valuable asset that promotes not only concentration, but also vocabulary and language skills. Children are naturally curious and love stories, which is why the new book series offers an additional fun-function. The free app allows you to record and play back your own voice content for each book page. Be it grandma’s good-night story or Papa’s interpretation of Pauli’s adventures – there is no limit to creativity.

Examples for short stories of Pauli´s adventures can be found here: CLUB

Safety & Quality

Our products guarantee high play value and maximum safety. The books of the “Pauli & Friends” series are robust, waterproof, non-toxic, tested according to the International Toys Directive Norm EN71 (all ages), free of BPA, PVC and phthalates, environmentally friendly, recyclable and in the sense of being indispensable for a responsible approach to the digital world.

A MUST in an industry for the most beautiful customer group in the world: children!

Questions about product safety are answered at any time at: info@discoverybooks.com